Monday, January 28, 2008

how to install sega, snes, neogeocd emulator on PSP

Assuming you have a modded PSP to 3.71 M33

Here's the first thing to do

1) Download 1.50 Kernel Add On for 3.71 firmware and install. Tutorials will direct you to download 2 things, an updater (that runs like a game in PSP) and the 1.50 firmware (about 10MB i think)

2) Download Picodrive Sega Emulator v1.35b. It will contain 2 folder, copy those 2 folders (looks like XXX and XXX%) in PSP/GAME150 folder. The roms can be anywhere in memory stick and in zip format.

3) Download SNES and copy folder inside GAME150 folder. Roms can be zipped and anywhere in memory stick

4) Download NEOGEO CDZ Emulator, extract and copy the 2 folders in PSP/GAME150
5) Find NeoGeoCD Bios , the filename is Neocd.bin.
6) Copy neocd.bin in root folder of the main neogeocd emulator folder (not the % folder)

Download a NEOGEOCD ROM file. inside it, you willl see bunch of files
*.iso, *.mp3, and *.cue

EXAMPLE. Let's say your MP3 file names are   ABCDE 123 - Track 2.mpg etc...

1) CREATE A FOLDER NAMED   "ABCDE 123" . (because It must be the same as the mp3 file prefix)
2) Extract the ISO file, extract the contents and put in "ABCDE 123" Folder
4) copy all the mp3 files there
6) Copy the *.cue file  there

Disconnect USB and PLAY !!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Windows Vista Starter Edition 3/Three Program Limit "Hack"

I discovered this myself. I'm sure I's not the first one

First, Download

After install, learn to minimize programs to tray

Ok then, when you open 3 programs, minimize them to tray. the Open another 3, then minimize to tray, then open another 3 programs. Then using the 4t program, u can open all the programs,

THERE YOU HAVE IT, 9 RUNNING PROGRAMS.  (The numbers are just example)


Friday, January 4, 2008

Delphi : Can't rename '...tbl.pas' to ''

I get this error with D7 on WinXP, and also D2007 on Vista. apparently ppl has been getting this problem since D6. Why don't they fix it? one Remobjects developer told me, "cause maybe nobody actually use it?"
Just like TPageProducer's runtime "Line Too Long" error, it is NOT FIXED even on D2007

credits :

Strange Delphi Bug – again It really seems that somebody at Borland/CodeGear hates me. Why? Because with every new release of Delphi I run into a very strange bug. This time: The type library editor on Vista “can’t rename XXX.$$$ to XXX.tlb”.
The first message of this bug will be “Can’t copy XXX.tlb to __history\XXX.~1~” (or something like that). Okay, no problem simply switching off backup copies (Preferences – Editor) and you are done. Not really, since now Delphi will throw a new error “Can’t rename XXX.$$$ to XXX.tlb”. Checking with Process Monitor reveals that Delphi itself (BDS.exe) is locking the TLB file. Nice, isn’t it?

Looking a little bit around and it seems this bug only appear when Delphi is installed on Vista AND the type library you are editing has a reference to OLE Automation v1.0 (stdole32.tlb). If the type library has a reference to OLE Automation v2.0 (stdole2.tlb) this bug won’t show up. The solution I found was to open the project on Windows XP, exchange the reference and reopen the project on Vista. But I don’t have an XP box anymore so the solution was a little bit strange:

Exchange the reference of OLE Automation v1.0 to v2.0 inside the Type Library Editor (Tab “Uses”), then try to compile the project. This will fail because of the “Can’t rename…” error. Anyway, copy the [FILENAME].$$$ from the project folder to a new folder while Delphi is running. Once this is done, close BDS (no, you can’t save the project because of the error). Now delete the old TLB file and rename [FILENAME].$$$ to [FILENAME].TLB and copy it to the project folder.

Start Delphi again, open the project and check if the “Uses” tab now says you are using OLE Automation Version 2.0. If so, everything should be back to normal again.