Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VB.NET Tenary IF() and IIF()

difference between IF() and IIF()

dim b as datetime = iif(true,cdate("3/3/1993"),cdate("33-33-1933"))

will return error, because both cdate("3/3/1993") and cdate("33-33-1933") will be evaluated

if u use if(), there will only be error if the condition is false, thereby evaluating cdate("33-33-1933")

Quirky if()

Dim b as nullable(of Boolean) = if(true,nothing,1)

b will be false, instead of the desired value nothing. if u use IIF(), b will be nothing


Dim b as nullable(of Boolean) = if(true,ctype(nothing,nullable(of boolean),1)


Dim b as nullable(of Boolean) = if(true,new nullable(of boolean),1)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

best value for money VPS


Basic Package :-
unmetred bandwidth
10Mbps download
10Mbps upload
50GB Space

Unique Features :-
you can upload any ISO images to your own ftp (ftp.digitalswift.net), quota almost 5GB, maximum files 5.
after you upload (example ubuntu9.1.iso), go to your controlpanel, select the ISO file and select 32/bit or 64/bit mode and "start it"

Disadvantages :-
1) when u "start an iso", all your VPS data will be wiped out

2) if you install windows XP, it requires restart during the installation. after restart, the ISO will.  not be recognized anymore. in order to install such ISO, you will have to submit a ticket to technical support to tell them to mount that particular ISO. maybe few-hour wait. YOU MUST START THE ISO FROM THE CONTROL PANEL FIRST. AND AFTER XP SETUP INITIAL RESTART, THEN ONLY YOU SUBMIT THE TICKET TO SUPPORT. I will explain in (3)

3) let's say your VPS is currently running ubuntu, and you feel like installing XP. ok so you tell them to mount the ISO. but after u restart ubuntu, you see that the ISO won't boot. BECAUSE THE BOOT ORDER IS HDD ONLY.

Weird, yes, imperfect yes. But still it is best value for money.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my PC must-haves

Here's a list of my PC's must-haves

Klite Codec Pack
CoreAVC (on slower CPU)
Microsoft Security Essentials
Stardock Fences
Windows Enabler v1.1
4t Tray Minimizer
Ultramon (if using dual monitor)
DVD Decrypter
Adobe  PDF Reader
Microsoft Office

Development (not really must-haves)

Turbo Delphi
SQL 2008 Express
Visual Studio 2008 Express

What else am i missing ?