Tuesday, November 19, 2013

going for HYPE in sacrifice of encapsulation

currently i'm working under a team, and I don't make the decision on the architectural style of the website there's this site, built on asp.net webforms, well-managed, nicely encapsulates business objects, re-usable controls, almost no repetition of code. then to jump to the hype of MVC for EVERYTHING, now, we have to repeat so much codes. MVC + Autofac + NHibernate + WebApi + CQRS = simply rubbish. they are not bad technology, but without careful consideration, they can be a nightmare. i don't deny asp.net webforms can be a nightmare too. so much time went into debugging stateless jquery calls, security is compromised. I can bet you that more than half of MVC projects are highly hackable. preventing client-side"javascript" injection, double/triple http post - are those not paramount when building a site's skeleton ? often I told myself I've seen classic ASP sites better than most MVC projects I've worked on.